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Safe guided workouts. Anytime and anywhere

Get digitally guided workouts available 24/7, enabling safe and engaging workouts for your members without supervision in hotels, residential buildings, and gyms.

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Digital coaching for your members

Provide gym members with guided workouts 24/7 with personal feedback akin to a personal training session.

Ready for immediate use, Kinetic combines access to content enhanced by motion-tracking technology to make workouts challenging and engaging.

Engage your members with gamification

Kinetic transforms exercise into a gamified fitness experience. Motion tracking enables rep counting, form correction, and effort tracking for interactive goal achievement.

Gamification keeps motivation high, rewarding members for reaching goals.


Unlimited workouts catalog

Kinetic provides hundreds of exercises across fitness, HIIT, combat, and recovery with monthly updates to ensure a dynamic workout routine for any skill level and interests.

The catalog is tailored mirrors the equipment available and is completely customizable to reflect gyms' objectives.

Customize Kinetic for your gym

Completly customize the look and feel, feature your coaches or programs by uploading your exercises and workouts, and display content that is relevant for your gym members with the fully customizable workout catalog. 

Turn the smart screen into an advertising surface with customizable wallpapers, screen colors, and embedded advertisement capabilities.


Get right Kinetic for your gym




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Group classes



 - 32’ inch touchscreen
 - Wireless and HDMI casting for group workouts
 - VESA 75 and 100 mm wall mounting
 - External 8 MP camera
 - WiFi connection for content updates
 - Bluetooth 5.0 for external headphones and speakers
 - 733.40mm X 432mm X 37mm

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